Car services in Cricklewood, NW2

Car services in Cricklewood, NW2

Do you know that ignoring petty car problems will later cause you a bigger loss? Take an example of a human being who needs nutrients, minerals, food and medical services to live peacefully. Similarly, a car without servicing and regular inspection can not live a long life. Moreover, have you ever imagined your life without your car? What would you even do without it? So, do not overlook your car’s importance and pamper your car. Bring it to Golders green garage if you are not sure about what your car is lacking. We will find it out for you and our expert technicians never fail to rectify the car faults. If you are looking for car services in Cricklewood, Golders green garage is the right place for you!

What car services do we offer?

  • MOT:

We know the hassle that comes with failing the MOT. Golders green is an authorized garage that detects, retests and repairs the faulty part with price as competitive as it can get.

  • Servicing:

We use the latest equipment and diagnostic technologies to inspect the car for any flaw and make sure to overcome it within a minimum span of time.

  • Exhaust:

The exhaust problems do not let your car behave and sound in the right way. At Golders green garage, we have a high-quality stock of tailpipes for all makes and models.

  • Batteries:

Our expert technicians can solve all major battery issues like slow engine crank or low battery fluid level, and the best thing is that we can check your battery free of charges! In addition, we carry a large range of car batteries that we may fit or you make take for DIY.

  • Brakes:

Do not delay if you are doubtful about your brakes’ state. Bring it in for a free no-obligation check. Brakes are the most important security system of your car that prevents any accident or unfortunate incident. So, brakes should be up to scratch.

  • Wheel alignment:

Wheel alignment maximizes fuel efficiency and tyre performance. Our technicians use the latest technology for run flat tyres.

  • Suspension:

We carry out suspension, shock absorber and springs’ repairs and replacements for all makes and models at affordable prices and high attention to quality.

Visit our website to know more about us. All our service and contact details are on the website. We aim to provide a high-quality service at affordable prices to get you back on the road. Moreover, we cater fleet work and also provide same day delivery.  So, give us a call or drop by our garage to get your car back on the road!


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