Golder Green MOT Uses Approved Diagnostics Tools

We use the Autologic advanced tester to carry out the diagnostic test on a variety of vehicles. It is industry-leading diagnostic equipment, so we ensure you of highly reliable diagnostic testing. Modern vehicles are designed with embedded systems and an embedded computer that performs the role of operating, recording, and monitoring the components within the vehicle. In addition to this, this computer receives notifications from the vehicle’s manufacturer and stores performance history. A diagnostic test identifies the cause of any mechanical issue or fault that illuminates the check engine light. One of the primary benefits of a diagnostic test is that it saves your time and money in the long run. As the issues are identified and rectified early, they do not cause expensive repairs. A diagnostic test is successful only when the technology is paired with the expertise of a technician. After the test is performed, a skilled technician reads and reviews the codes. The technician should have in-depth knowledge in order to understand where the vehicle is experiencing problems. Once they diagnose the problem, a rectification procedure is carried out which might include repairs or replacement. Our technicians are trained to work with sophisticated cars, so they produce a cost-effective solution to the diagnosed problems. A standard diagnostic test, at Golders Green Garage, lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. However, it depends on the gravity of the issue and might take up to two to three hours.

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